Monday, October 16, 2006

Oskar Fischer: Musician and Graphic Artist

I know Oskar Fischer for about twenty years and he's always been one of my favourite Vienniese musicians, having played with various bands, but also pursuing his solo career since the late eighties.

I have always known that he was drawing too, but the extent of his work only became known to me recently, and I have since added some scans of drawings of his and also music to the Artasylum and the ArtYardSale.

This year Oskar went online - having spent most of his years without computers (but plenty electronic musical devices) and having started to use a PC for working on music only a few years back, he was as glad about a little help as I was to be able to help him setup his modem and getting him a domain for his page in construction.

Today, when I visited him at his home, I assisted him in conquering MySpace's upload-interface and shot some video when he was looking for the drawing he is going to exhibit at this year's ROBOEXOTICA.

This clip is underlayed with two of Oskar's songs - enjoy!

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