Friday, October 27, 2006

The Model Roboexoticist - Martin Reiter

I have a reason to avoid the wording "ROBOEXOTICA-participant" - Martin has not only taken part in ROBOEXOTICA from the start and returned every year, he has been helping in so many ways to make things happen, never asking for more than travel costs from Berlin, where he's involved in managing Kunsthaus Tacheles (well, maybe a pack of batteries now and then).
He and his co-nur schrec!s Peter Riedelsperger and Khaled Kenawi have never dodged lending a hand, no matter how lowly a task there had to be performed.

nur schrec! has also become a fine example, that to show at ROBOEXOTICA your exhibit doesn't have to be a cocktailrobot in the strict sense, but that there are other roboexotic ways to add to an electronic cocktail-culture environment -
Besides showing the drink-serving AL-c in the early days and the cigarette-lighting (candle-carrying) robot-spider from 2004, they have brought with them a number of other interesting and interactive artworks - last year they had their installation perform "barconversation" with people who passed by the "invisible" exhibit - if they had anything bright yellow on them!

This year (Dec. 5th-10th) they will take their visual recognition system further and couple it with avatar-action. Definitely something to look forward to!

Being a modest man, this post will probably make Martin sick as hell - sorry, it had to be told!

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