Friday, October 27, 2006

ROBOEXOTICA - Announcing Participants

Time to share my anticipation for our exhibition's upcoming international guests ...

David Calkins (Robogames), who's Chapok was charming but not serving visitors last year, announced that in addition to a hopefully functional Chapok, he will bring a gang of Robo-One type humanoids -
And his wife - artist and Suicide Bots-blogger Simone Davalos.
Who has made us excited with the prospect of drinks flambé served by a machine.

Kal Spelletich (Seemen), who shared last year's "other achievements"-ACRA with David Calkins, will return - this time with a martini-mixing installation and his recent creation Vino Viper!
Kal will also be hosting a talk with ROBOEXOTICA's artists.

Returning to us from California as well is Jake Appelbaum (ioerror), who was a good boy last year and was thus rewarded with a two-month residency at Museumsquartier, care of monochrom. He is going to show a piece called The External Combustion Engine.

I've posted my anticipation for Erik Hobijn's Chemobar back in July.
I'm happy to report he recently confirmed his appearance to create chemical Weapons of Mass Drunkenness.

Of course this list could go on for a while - besides the usual suspects we also expect some new talents with innovative entries (like a cigarette-throwing device).

... The list of symposium-participants is exciting too - but I'm waiting for the final confirmation of Günther Friesinger (Bureau for Philosophy) who is in charge of that. And there's still more than a month to go, so expect info on that posted sometime during the next weeks!

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