Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cook Tea Robotics - Help Wanted!

Do you want to step into Kenny Baker's (guy who was inside R2D2) footsteps?
Then sign up to be one of four robots in a human-sized version of the board-game Ricochet Robots, which will be staged by eSeL and KaCe as part of the opening ceremonies for ROBĂ–XOTICA 2006, only one week from now - Tuesday 5th.

The game is about players figuring out the shortest route to a given point on the board - the first player to say he thinks he knows the best route gets to try it out in the predicted number of steps, the players in our case being the spectators around the giant "board" out on the courtyard of Museumsquartier - and if successful, the player is rewarded with a hot beverage by the robot.
Titled Tea Cook Robotics the performance/game is going to be held twice: at the opening and again on sunday, ROBĂ–XOTICA's last day.

And apropos the approaching event: I just found this list of Top Ten Lies Robot Builders Tell Themselves by Suicide Bot-blog's Mr. Robotics - let's hope he is able to fight his own self-deception in preparations for his appearance next week!

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