Friday, November 24, 2006


With the ROBOEXOTICA less than two weeks ahead it is a good time to take a closer look at the logo we've been using for the last 4 years: Guzman.
That's the name of the servile little fellow with the inka/aztec(?) appearance and the clever little details (like the serial interface, screws, LEGO, corkscrew ...)!
Created as a black and white ink drawing by German artist Richard Wientzek it has been colored, cut in pieces and manipulated in various forms since in the different designs of flyers, folders and posters each year.
The original drawing went to Franz Ablinger in return for his private financial investments into the event 2002.

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Anonymous said...

well, as my friend ERICH VON DAENIKEN told me the actual truth about GUZMAN is that he is an ancient mayan robot god.

old mayan legends tell of rites eclipsing in the presentation of the newest cocktail receipts through this divine messenger what was then usually followed by days of cocktail drinking festivities.