Sunday, November 05, 2006

Freudbot's Telephone-Number-Issues

First an announcement concerning the Austrian telephone-number(s) we rent from - they're not working this weekend, because the server where the interface is housed is down and inaccessible before monday.
So for SMS-coversation with Freudbot please use the russian number 0079 2264 22022 momentarily.

But there's more: the telephone-number we rent was supposed to work from all cell-phone operator's networks ... but it turns out, that if you're a customer of yess you have to use a different number which, confusingly, also works from one other carrier, but not from another.
So we're left with two instead of one number and the second number supposedly also changes, when it's not used for a given period.
Adrian is still in communication with our provider on that issue, it seems as if the people at weren't even aware of this problem.

... This means when the Austrian numbers start working again Monday, that's 08282709901132 from all carriers except yess.
From yess you have to send your message to 0676 9080708.
And if you're confused now, start a conversation with Freudbot sending an SMS to 0079 2264 22022.

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Anonymous said...

try quebby maybe my mate developed this sms world wide service if u wish to discuss. I am looking to develop structured sms autobots for eating disorders/phobias