Wednesday, November 08, 2006


It's our own fault.
The name was created to be confusing.
The Umlaut "Ö" in ROBÖXOTICA was supposed to be used in writing, while when orally pronounced it was to be "ROBOEXOTICA" - an inversion of the fact that "oe" is pronouncd as an Umlaut "ö" and is an alternative writing for the Umlaut (like on english keyboards, where there are no Umlauts) in German. OE=Ö becomes Ö=OE. Ha-ha.

So far so good.
Of course this was never consistently carried out.
I myself pronounce it differently every other time.

The internet domain is, of course. On this blog I also have spelled it ROBOEXOTICA all the time, because I think the Umlaut won't show up on computers configured to a different character set.
Still some English-tongued prefer to just write ROBOXOTICA, whis is fine with me but it starts getting confusing here.

ROBÖXOTIKA finally is a cruel typo which took me weeks to even realize on the error-riddled (Sept.31st!!) Flyer for ROBOEXOTICA extern.

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