Friday, December 01, 2006

If this is not an "Other Achievement" ...

This I call a hot candidate for the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards' Other Achievements in the Sector of Electronic Cocktailculture category - a robot throwing cigarettes into visitor's mouths. Health Warning: If this robot hears you saying the word "Tschik" (Austrian for ciggie/cigarette) he will detect your mouth and subsequently fire a nicotine-projectile in it's direction!

WERP_BOT by Leo Peschta and Gordan Savicic (aka ZZZ) will be showing at ROBOEXOTICA next week:
... detecting demanding smokers' mouths via cam motion tracking. A few computational seconds later, an audio-signal indicates that starving smokers should pay a bit more attention, as the robot is preparing to launch the cigarette in its special designed "katapult-like-apparatus". The participant's distance and position are measured by the machine. According to its calculations the cigarette is fired directly into the smoker's mouth. As the cigarette experiences an elegant 180 degree flip, every smoker will be surprised by WERP_BOT's precise targeting system."

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