Sunday, December 03, 2006

San Francisco has landed

Today guests from SF have been flying in all day to participate in this year's ROBÖXOTICA. Four batches, counting 10 heads including five alone of the V. Vale clan.
Jake Appelbaum was first to arrive and not to be seen all day as he fell asleep on arrival.
David Calkins and Simone Davalos arrived second with lots of cases full of robots and cool presents. I welcomed them at Expertina's place, where they are staying and from where we walked to Museumsquartier through downtown, stopping at the Adventmarkt between the two historical museums across from MQ for some mulled wine.
When we had arrived at the Kantine to have some food, Johannes arrived from the airport again, bringing in the next batch - Violet Blue and Jonathan Moore. Violet is going to be a lovely assistent to Simone's El Espanol Borracho and Jonathan is part of the External Combustion Engine team, along with Jake.
The Vale clan last but not least have taken their quarters at (Jake's artist residence at) Museumsquartier and Johannes even succeeded in procuring an extra mattress that the Museumsquartier promised but did not deliver via Chris, so everything is fine for today ...
Leaves Kal Spelletich as the last San Franciscan (we know of) to touch down tomorrow morning.

Link to ROBÖXOTICA-2006-photo-set on Flickr.

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