Sunday, December 10, 2006

ROBÖXOTICA 2006 coverage

My first clip from this year's Festival for Cocktailrobotics is online - Kal Spelletich's Vino Viper and the Nitschesque painting it produced on ROBOEXOTICA's last day.

... And a few other little internet pages have found out about our humble gathering:
Wired, Boingboing, Laughing Squid, Suicidebots, Slashdot, Engadget, CNet, CNN, Tiny Nibbles, Tikirobot, XLTerrestrials, Geek Entertainment TV, Jibber Jabber, Forbes.

Over at our co-organiser monochrom's page I even found some more links: PC Mag, ZDNet!

Our server-houser Aaron Kaplan is desperately asking for more traffic, maybe you can help? ... Digg ROBOEXOTICA

And here are the winners of the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards:
Cocktail Mixing: External Combustion Engine (Jonathan Moore, David Fine)
Cocktail Serving: El Espanol Borracho (Simone Davalos)
Conversation: AAACGD (FH Joanneum Informationsdesign)
Cigarette Lighting: WERP_bot (Leo Peschta & Gordan Savicic)
Other Achievements: DWI-bot (Cyberpipe), Eiswürfelmörder (Rosi Weingrill), & Leichtbekömmlichvorverdaut (FH Joanneum)
Public Choice: Baillet de Sacacorchos (Beat Spichtig, Chris Janka)

German coverage: Link

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