Tuesday, December 12, 2006


ROBÖXOTICA thanks all participants for coming from near and afar to Vienna to make the Festival for Cocktailrobotics not just the only of it's kind but also the leading one with their crazy creations!

SHIFZ thanks it's co-organizers (groups and individuals) who put their work and expertise into making possible this wonderful mixture that managed to intoxicate the masses once again. As we are already used to, monochrom got some very interesting international guests interested in cocktail-robotics, some of which also were a great help documenting the event.

Thanks to the Museumsquartier and Vitus Weh from Freiraum for their generous cooperation.
Thanks to various initiatives inside Museumsquartier's QDK for lending all kinds of stuff: Teichenberg, pooool, 5upernet, SRL, quintessenz and possibly more ...
Thanks to metalab for housing a couple of Johannes Grenzfurthner's students. FH Joanneum school of information-design deserves gratidude for supporting around 50 of their students in their participation.

Special thanks to Alexandra Zawadil and Karin Strohecker for their much-quoted Reuters report - and not mentioning that the catapulted cherry I ducked hit one of them!
Thanks to all the other media and bloggers who made ROBÖXOTICA 2006 public to an unprecedented extent.

And extra thanks to eSeL and KaCe for trying to forgive the fact that the Tea Cook Robots they built fell victim to water damage and were scrapped Monday morning!

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bereweber said...

that infamous cherry! heh heh
it is good to know that Roboxotica is growing nicely! Congratulations for your interesting & hard work