Friday, August 10, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen - this looks like a promising entry in the Serving Drinks category of this year's ACRA (Annual Cocktail Robot Awards) ...
Suicidebots blogger Headrotor alias Jon Foote who we met in San Francisco, where he laboured hard in the RoboGames crew - and where he had already expressed his intention to assemble a cocktail-robot for ROBOEX07ICA - has posted a first report on his and co-conspirator Al Honig's efforts.

"Chassis is a fully mobile remote beverage dispensing unit. Chassis will fill your glass from the spigot on his front, provided you flirt with or bribe him.
He ... is looking a little rough after decades without a touch-up; he has an appointment with a powder coater tomorrow. He’ll come back a nice shade of red.

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