Monday, August 13, 2007

Second Offices - II

After a few weeks in Second Life, last weekend I (or should I say my avatar) found and bought a piece of aquatic land - a quiet parcel off shore in Marsco.
And named it MechaTiki Space [Marsco(34/30/21)] ... where now ROBOEXOTICA [Marsco(38/18/51)] and SHIFZ [Marsco(41/4/101)] have their Second Offices, free floating in 50m and 100m altitude.
There's video, free cocktails for visitors and a playground for further lessons in building and scripting for me ... one important thing I learned over the weekend was how to offer video - I'm quite glad streaming works with my revver-videos (clicking the ads doesn't work though) - and equally important how to circumvent the limitation of one videostream per parcel: subdivide smaller parcels. So momentarily I have one video playing on several screens around the parcel and two screens on different altitudes on a 32m2 parcel, which I call the SHIFZ-o-Vision Lounge [Marsco(57/4/49)], playing a second video.

Link to my SL-Flickr-set.

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