Friday, November 30, 2007

A Closer Look at the ACRA-Winners

Wired blog has a closer look at some of the ACRA 9.0 winners: Chris Palmer's Brethalyzer Genii, Franz Ablinger's Gesundheit, Robert Martin's Robomoji, Roman Maeder's Holy Golden Milk+Wodcow and Misha รก Crest's Explanator.
Oh btw Mr. Dempsey, the Explanator not only is an alcohol-producing musical instrument - it is also an alcoholic vapor dispenser, enabling you to consume Absynth by inhaling plus it is an absynth-filled "water"-pipe!

(Photo above, from Poetina's ROBOEXOTICA-set: Gingerbread replicas of ROBOEXOTICA-logo "Guzman")

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