Friday, December 14, 2007

ROBOEX07ICA Post Scriptum

Three weeks after the festival's over, I am slowly recovering from my annual peak alcohol-consumption (and reckless sleep-deprivation) - simultaneously fighting off the consequences of a snowy winter settling on Vienna (*coughcough*) - and I am starting to try to complete the coverage of this year's cocktail robotics festival #1 ...

- Conference audio: The symposium has been audio-recorded and put online. Link (german AND english)
- eSeL, our official photographer this year, has created the flickr-group roboexotica.
- There has been some (printed) press coverage locally - DerStandard, Wiener Zeitung, Kurier, ... - but so far there seems to be less international stir created than last year.

Upcoming: next year ROBOEXOTICA will be celebrating 10th anniversary, look out for special events right here!
So far the next scheduled big cocktail robot event will be at RoboGames 2008 - and we are trying to raise money to hopefully be able to send Robomoji to win a medal this time.

[ROBOEXOTICA's 2nd Office in Second Life is always open for a visit, of course!]

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