Friday, April 18, 2008

Maker Faire Bay Area 2008: Cocktailrobots Inside

Does this robot know how you like your martini? Yes it does! Presenting the MindReading MartiniMaker and other award-winning cocktail-robots, the founders of ROBOEXOTICA, the world's leading festival on the matter, announce the American franchise of the cocktail-robotic plot to achieve world-domination meet the MindReadingMartiniMaker and others of the world's best cocktailrobots at the ROBOEXOTICA booth.

See me at Maker Faire!The grandiose Maker Faire is returning to the San Mateo Faire Grounds May 3-4, and the MindReading MartiniMaker is too. After it's world-premiere at last year's Faire it won big at the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards in Vienna, and in the meantime it's creator Chris Veigl has implemented some improvements that make it an even more precise and reliable cocktail-robot.

... Oh, and what about that American franchise thingie, you ask? Watch this blog for an upcoming post on the ROBOEXOTIC-US exhibition in San Francisco, May 10-15, organized by multiple ACRA winners David Calkins and Simone "Missy Suicidebots" Davalos!

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