Wednesday, August 19, 2009

@beerrobot pours beer. Wired....cold. beer.

(photo: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid)

Good old Chassis has got competition in the free-beer robotics class. The tweeting @beerrobot set free by has debuted in San Francisco yesterday night at a local brewery:

@beerrobot: I'm here @21stamendment. Come see me! about 19 hours ago from Tweetie
@beerrobot: I have so many new friends! about 18 hours ago from Tweetie
@beerrobot: I am so popular. I love giving people beer!
about 18 hours ago from Tweetie
@beerrobot: Hello? Where did everybody go? Hey guys! I want to go home now. Hey! 40 minutes ago from twhirl
First impression from overseas: the robot seems to have a nice personality, but so does Chassis - and to be viewed as a serious competitor this one will have to improve it's looks, I'm afraid.

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