Friday, October 09, 2009

1st Vienna Cocktail Robot Workshop!

Some of the world's most renowned cocktail robot builders are going to teach up to 15 participants how to make a cost effective cocktail mixing robot from Nov 9-14 in the 1st Vienna Cocktail Robot Workshop.

With Chris Veigl and Franz Ablinger two seasoned Roboexoticans are willing to share their experiences. My role in this effort is clear: Providing the know-nothing perspective of someone who can be considered an interested amateur. Together we are presently prototyping to find an easy to build configuration, that can be varied easily enough to provide for several totally different robots, based on an Arduino controlling unit. Reinforced by last year ACRA winner Mitch Heinrich we had a rather nice break-through yesterday (Foto), finding an amazingly simple dosing mechanism that will be very useful come November.

With possible other guest lecturers in the loop this week is a chance you don't get very often - as well as the fact that up to 4 participants can opt to own their cocktail-robot after 5 evenings of hard labor. The sixth day will be dedicated to testing the contraptions (or knowing cocktail-robotics - fixing. All participants are invited to present the works they helped create at Roboexotica 2009, Dec 3-6.

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