Monday, November 01, 2010

Roboexotica 2010: counting down

One month to go until this year's iteration of Roboexotica the world's leading festival for Cocktail Robotics and the Annual Cocktail Robot Awards!
Date & Location: Dec. 2-5 / moƫ, Thelemanngasse 4, 1170 Vienna

We continue our nomadic phase, as last year's venue is a construction site right now and appropriate(ly affordable) locations are scarce.
We expect a number of international and local participants to make this another special year for Cocktail Robotics with a nice extra serving of Swiss contributions.

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facebook event page
location & map


SpaceHippy Matt said...

Hi! I enjoyed your mojito very much. Johannes and team challenged me to document some lessons learned to help other would be entrants. I've focused solely on the pouring and start a wiki here with some details about your bot:

please have a look and fix/add to help us all. thanks!

specifically it would be great to know what is the name of the pourer you use and have a better photo.


magnus said...

thx for your effort matt!