Thursday, December 09, 2010

Robexotica 2010 ACRA winners

The Annual Cocktail Robot Awards 12.0 were handed to the deserving winners on Sunday, the closing night of Roboexotica 2010.
Serving Cocktails: Amboribot by Daniel Schatzmayr, Andrea Reiss, Nora Neumann
Mixing Cocktails: Layer Bot by Bernhard Kubicek
Conversation: Daredroid by Jane Tingley, Anouk Wipprecht and Marius Kintel
Fire & Smoke: Desoberation Chamber by Dixie Red & Heisl Amir
Other Achievements: Kitzel den Zapfhahn by FH Joanneum
Hardest Partying Robot: 12" pianist by Jesse Zbikowski, Franz Ablinger, Phil Stearns
Tenacity: Benny the Booze Organ by Ryan Finnigan, Aaron Beck and Lars Vin Andersen
Most Pleasurable Side Effects: Exciterator by Crashspace LA represented by Sean Bonner
Most Beautiful Execution: Rotsch-O-Mat by Roger Weber
Most Wasted Alcohol: Slow Shot by David Brunnthaler, Christian Katzinger, Marcin Szostak

... and a lime for most disgusting look and taste went to W.C. - WODKA CLOSETT by students of FH Joanneum.

To learn about the Honorary Mentions that were passed out have a look at
For a short description of all participating robots head to

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